10 people last wishes that make you cry

10 People’s Last Wishes That Will Make You Cry

31st March
Life is mortal but no one wishes to die, all of us know that a time will come fo...
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25 unbelievable but true facts

25 Unbelievable but True Facts

30th March
What's the weirdest fact you know of? Here are some facts which sound Like Huge...
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area calculation in nepal, ropani anna , kattha, bigha haat and more

Area Calculation in Nepal, Ropani Anna , Kattha, Bigha haat and more

22nd-Dec 2016
Units of Area Calculation in Nepal,Ropani-Anna to sq. ft and Sq.ft to Ropani-Aa...
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15 buddha quotes that will put your soul @ ease.

15 Buddha Quotes That Will Put Your Soul @ Ease.

5th-Dec 2016
sidartha Gautam known as "Buddha" was an actual man, and his life story has bee...
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8 habits you develop after living alone for a long time

8 Habits You Develop After Living Alone For a Long Time!!

2nd-Aug 2016
The word "alone" has many negative connotations, but when used in the context of...
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morning shower actually saves you more time and makes you more relaxed

Morning Shower Actually Saves You More Time and Makes You More Relaxed

29th-Jul 2016
Shower isn’t just a shower anymore… People often use them for a variety of reaso...
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7 ways to protect your positive mood from negative people

7 Ways to Protect Your Positive Mood from Negative people

27th-Jun 2016
Your life becomes so much better when you kick toxic people out the door. You c...
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10 benefits of jogging every morning

10 benefits of Jogging!!

18th-May 2016
Every morning and evening, we see people running in the parks. People jog every ...
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are you a boss or a leader

Are You A Boss Or A Leader !

18th-Apr 2016
Did you know there is a big difference when it comes to being a leader vs. a bos...
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health tips for your heart, mind, and body!

Health Tips for Your Heart, Mind, and Body!

3rd-Apr 2016
Eating well offers long-term health benefits, such as reducing your risk for hea...
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