How many Child you may have ?. This image may contain a user profile picture and app result which is generated by well finger app. Refresh the page if you do not see any picture.
How many Child you may have ?
How many child you are going to wellcoming in your family ? How many child you are expecting to have in future? You can check here

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When you visit our service webpage that contains Facebook social login plug-in, your browser establishes a direct connection between you with Facebook server. Facebook provides your public content from your profile that we asked to your computer or mobile browser that embeds the latter into the App Service which enable our web app algorithm to receive information about you which have accessed the respective page of our Service. We have influence on the data gathered by the browser and inform you according to our state of knowledge and random stored information from our server algorithm.
Step 1: To play this Application Please Click the button above named "click to make yours" and give access to your public information, Facebook will ask you to give a permission to get some public information like public name, public profile photo and sometime gender from your Facebook profile. (Note: We never save your Information to our database, some time it can be remembered in your end browser. Our algorithm only wants that information for your result modification). Then our predefined algorithms in our server watch your information provide by you and generate the appropriate result with respect to your data.
Step 2: If successful generating your result, we redirect you to successful page so that you can see and share your result in any social media. Note: Do not take the result of an Application seriously. They are for an entertainment or fun purpose. For more Read our privacy and Terms here. Found any mistakes, problems or issues with this webapp? Contact us. We will try to fix or solve your issues as soon after getting your report.
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