what does your eye color reveal about your personality?

What does your eye color reveal about your personality?

23rd-Mar 2017
We have all heard the cliched expression that “eyes are the window to the soul a...
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10 simple things women want in a relationship.

10 simple things women want in a relationship.

19th-Mar 2017
Women aren't exactly the great mystery that men often makes out to be. We polled...
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which month you were born in

Which Month You Were Born In ?

23rd-Feb 2017
Birthday is Special for every people and they all want to know about the special...
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area calculation in nepal, ropani anna , kattha, bigha haat and more

Area Calculation in Nepal, Ropani Anna , Kattha, Bigha haat and more

22nd-Dec 2016
Units of Area Calculation in Nepal,Ropani-Anna to sq. ft and Sq.ft to Ropani-Aa...
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15 buddha quotes that will put your soul @ ease.

15 Buddha Quotes That Will Put Your Soul @ Ease.

5th-Dec 2016
sidartha Gautam known as "Buddha" was an actual man, and his life story has bee...
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thirteen weird things men don’t know about the female body

Thirteen Weird Things Men Don’t Know About the Female Body !!!

23rd-Nov 2016
Guys, are you often get confused by what women say and what they actually did? T...
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7 ways to know if a person genuinely loves you

7 Ways to Know If A Person Genuinely Loves You Or Not…

29th-Aug 2016
Life is not movie where hero and heroine act like true love, in real life how do...
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9 superb definitions

9 superb Definitions (Just for laughs)!!!

29th-Aug 2016
1 SCHOOL A Place Where parents pay and children play......
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14 completely weird things girls do when they’re alone

14 Completely Weird Things Girls do when they’re Alone!!!

28th-Aug 2016
It might be hard to believe, but girls are actually incredibly gross creatures. ...
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8 habits you develop after living alone for a long time

8 Habits You Develop After Living Alone For a Long Time!!

2nd-Aug 2016
The word "alone" has many negative connotations, but when used in the context of...
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